Tuesday, June 9, 2009


do you ever crave something so much it hurts?
whether it's food or drinks or drugs or God or a boy. Whatever.

I've been craving my Jesus. A lot. Lately he has been speaking WAY louder to me than I have ever heard him speak. It could be the way I act. I don't know. But I can hear Him speaking and it's pretty awesome.
I feel like it's because it's my senior year and I have tons of decisions to make.
But I know He'll be with me every, single step of the way. He is my God and my love. I do love Trenton. But Jesus is my one and only true love. He loves me so much, he shows me sunsets and beautiful flowers. Things that only He would give to his loving princesses and princes'.
It's awesome. I love it. He's so beautiful. I wish everyone knew Him

That's my goal. To let the WORLD know about JESUS! (:

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