Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm here.
In seattle.

Although, I do miss Trenton Lee. and Sara. and Lance. and Kyler. and Erika. and Vanessa. and Devin (although I -always- miss her.) I wish I could take everyone to seattle with me. Not gonna happen though. Am I right? haha.
It's really cold for summer. It's like 65 or something. Probably colder too. In Kansas, it's like 100. INSANE! But I wish I had more jeans and I'd be good to go. (;
I turned on the heater. bahaha. It's quite nice. At some point I have to write a biography of myself. hard I know! But I've got very smart adults here to help me. Woo! (: The biography is for Queen Neelah. I hope I can win runner up or something. I probably won't win Queen because there are so many popular girls who are so going to win because their moms and dads can get them to win and they've got the pretty looks. While I don't. Whatever. It's going to be fun and I want to do it to learn how to be the most polite lady I can be! :D

Well Ima go read and be warm! (:
see ya.

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