Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Time Baby!

Hi guys!
Well it's summer and I've got a full summer!

This week I'll be in Pittsburg with my boyyyyfriend for a few days helping his mom at work.
Then the next 2 weeks nothing really.
But on June 23 I'm going to Seattle! To see my daddy of course! (:
It shall be exciting. I'm so excited. I love it up there. It's pretty awesomely awesome.
I'll fill in on what happens over the next few days.
Right now I'm typing from my boyfriend's computer while he plays xbox (such a boy haha).
I'm getting pizza for dinner! I bought new shoes today to get with this really cute red dress. I bought it from walmart of all places. haha. That's all I have where I live. (;

Catch ya up later!

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